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« am: 16. Februar 2007, 20:24:40 »
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NSN alpha1 (Unicode/Ansi)

NewStatusNotify wiki-Artikel

Zitat von: Changelog alpha1  (15.02.2007)
    * Plugin Disable/Enable Menu Item moved from popup submenu to main menu. Thx
      to Faith Helaer for icons;
    ! implemented support of metacontacts, as from v0.12.2.3 Metacontacts plugin
      behaves different than other protos. Issues  like lot of popups on startup
      and going offline should be gone now. Please test;
    * changed detection behavior of statuses supported by the protocol -  now if
      it returns 0 - then it will be translated as "support all statuses".  Used
      for Metacontacts and Weather Protos who return 0 in certain cases;
    * switched to standard m_popup.h (as Nullbie finally made support for  TCHAR
      in it, and now this header is in standard codebase);
    + added support of Updater for ANSI beta version;
    * changed order of statuses in "user options" - "status notify" list;
    + added hidden DWORD setting "ConnectionTimeoutXXX" per proto,  where XXX is
      a proto name (e.g."ConnectionTimeoutSkype").  If not found - then  general
      "ConnectionTimeout" setting (see description of will be taken.
    ! corrected reading of DWORD values from "ConnectionTimeout" setting  to get
      rid of thousands of popups when connecting to Skype;
    ! fixed individual sounds previewing and playing when using  SecureDB driver
      (though that driver still has a bug with destroying of relative paths when
      calling *_PATHTORELATIVE function with relative path as 1st param). Thanks
      to LEM for pointing out to that bug and testing of fixed version.
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Re: NewStatusNotify
« Antwort #1 am: 21. Februar 2007, 04:00:56 »
NSN alpha2

Zitat von: Changelog alpha2  (21.02.2007)
    * added request status messages only if subcontact have it for  given status
      for given meta;
    * changed behavior of status descriptions showing - now  it  is always shown
      if "show status descriptions" setting  is checked, and  no more  dependent
      from "show status messages" setting;
    ! hopefully fixed reason of crashes (wrong string allocation);

Please all who got miranda crashed  - update and test it.

There are debug symbols included in the archive - pls before posting DrWatson Log, install them.

Version Number in MIM  will remain until release (to allow Updater to work). Actual version can be shown in Windows Explorer in field “FileDescription“.


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Re: NewStatusNotify
« Antwort #2 am: 07. März 2007, 23:57:58 »
NSN beta1

    * fixed bug with icons in Options - Events - Status Notify for MIM<;
    * made paths to individual sounds unicode-safe. This is supported  since MIM  0.6.2, so support of versions below is dropped for Unicode;
    * disable any notifications for chatrooms;
    * fix showing test popup for “from offline” event;
    * reworked Popup options page a bit:
              changed test popup text - from now it really shows choosen info;
              fixed possibility to show only status messages;
    * fixed bug with Mainmenu item showing garbage;


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Re: NewStatusNotify
« Antwort #3 am: 04. Mai 2007, 17:36:52 »
NSN Beta 1a (Bugfix Version) verfügbar!

Zitat von: BlackFox
* reverted back to C instead of C++;
* make use of Miranda memory management
Ich darf hinzufügen, das BlackFox den Bug gefixt hat, der in der ersten Beta1, bei einer Statusmeldung Miranda zum Abstürzen brachte. Nach einem knapp 2 stündigen Testlauf habe ich noch keinen Absturz gehabt. Yeah!

Download: (Nur UNICODE!)
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